Discover a world away from what you might expect when you hear the word “game”.

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Discover a world away from what you might expect when you hear the word “game”.

Wild venison tenderloin sections displayed on stone tile

Eye Fillet

The tenderloin is named for it’s incredibly tender profile. Sear whole or cut into sections for individual ‘filet mignon’ eye-fillet style steaks.

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Wild venison backstrap displayed on stone tile


An incredibly tender and lean cut, the backtrap or striploin features a much larger cross section than the tenderloin. Sear and roast whole or cut into sections for individual striploin style steaks.

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Wild venison mince displayed on large dried leaves

Ground Venison

Low on fat and big on flavour, our ground wild venison will take you by surprise. Revive tired recipes by replacing minced beef - we guarantee your burgers, tacos, lasagna & ragu's will never taste better or be better for you. For those of you who just can't live without a solid dose of fat, we also have a special blend available with 10% regenerative beef fat.

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Wild venison shanks displayed on stone tile


Rich and sticky braises made easy. These are the largest shanks you will probably ever see & contain vast amounts of caramel marrow.

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Wild Venison

We are proud to debut our range of wild Sambar venison - a species that has never been successfully farmed, domesticated or commercially sold.

A large & hardy species with a high meat-to-bone ratio & consistent tenderness. The mild, nutty flavour can be likened to prime beef yet remains uniquely complex.

Despite it's lean profile, venison adapts well to many applications - from burgers, tacos, lasagne to BBQ’d prime cuts & long slow cooks.

Chef clayton donovan trimming a wild venison backstrap on wooden boardWild venison backstrap
Wild venison on hibachi grill being glazed with char siuChar siu glazed wild venison on hibachi grill


Butcher's diagram of a deer showing all of the various cuts and where on the animal they come from


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