Landscape photo of Nariel Valley property with rolling hills and forest in background
Beautiful Nariel Valley Landscape

Nariel Valley Adventure

By the calibre of campfire meals shared, we knew this was no typical backcountry hunt.

Sometimes chef's just need to get out of the kitchen.

We were lucky to spend a weekend hunting in Nariel Valley with the kitchen team from Restaraunt LUMÊ. Let's just say by the calibre of campfire meals share, this was no typical backcountry hunt.

Executive Chef Elijah Holland of LUMÊ has built his career on his passion for wild food, indigenous & endemic Australian ingredients.

Elijah has always been generous to us with both his time and his knowledge, and we are grateful to have been featured on the menu of ecosystems he has created at LUMÊ. So when the opportunity arose to take the kitchen team out country for the weekend we jumped a the chance.

Connecting chefs to the source of their produce is something we take pride in. It is such a uniquely Australian proposition to be able to see the boundaries between colonisation, introduction of species, agriculture and ecology and realise that wild game meats like Sambar venison sit at the nexus of those stories.

Many meals and laughs were shared. We hiked through the stunning high country we harvest from, and Elijah showed us a thing or two about foraging. All together, despite a lot of rain, wet feet and miles travelled, a wonderful weekend of kinship and a shared passion for food.

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