plated venison shoulder and roast veggies

Braised Venison Shoulder Dinner

A slow-cooked braise transformed into a roast-style dinner for a hearty winter feast. Port wine, red wine and venison stock ensure this dish is all things tender, succulent and flavourful.

Ingredients (serves four to six)

1 Whole braised venison shoulder

2 Leeks halved

4 Large heirloom carrots quartered

500ml Water

1⁄4 cup Sugar

1 Block unsalted butter chopped and chilled

1⁄2 Bunch thyme

2liter Venison stock

1⁄2 Bottle port wine

1⁄2 Red wine

How to make it

  1. In a large pot reduce venison stock by half
  2. Meanwhile in another pot reduce wines by half
  3. Combine wines and stock and reduce until sauce consistency
  4. Remove from heat and whisk in half the butter and set aside
  5. Heat a griddle pan to medium to hot and Grill carrots and leeks until charred but not cooked fully
  6. Place in baking dish and add sugar, water and remaining butter
  7. Reduce until glazed and cooked through
  8. Reheat braised shoulder with venison or chicken stock until tender
  9. Place shoulder on large serving platter
  10. Garnish with leeks and carrots
  11. Pour sauce over braised shoulder
fork close up venison
pouring sauce

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